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Confidentiality Statement for Student Employees

As a student employee of Loyola University New Orleans, I understand that I will be working with sensitive and confidential information.

I understand that what I learn in this office about university students and university business must remain in this office and is not to be discussed with anyone else, including the student involved.

I also understand that I cannot access confidential information for any reason other than what I have been asked to do by my supervisor.

I will not remove or make copies of any office documents to provide to anyone unless so directed.

I will not operate or request others to operate any University equipment for purely personal business.

I understand that the “Student Code of Conduct” applies to my conduct at work as well as elsewhere on campus, and that violation of this code is applicable to my employment:

Falsification of Information

Theft of Property

Behavioral Misconduct

Violation of State, Federal or Municipal Law While on Loyola’s Property

General Behavioral Policies

Academic Dishonesty

For a detailed explanation of the Student Code of Conduct, please refer the Student Handbook.

I understand that I am jeopardizing my employment and potentially subjecting the University to litigation for violation of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act if I compromise the confidentiality of this office.  If I violate any portion of the Student Code of Conduct, I will be held accountable by the University judicial system.

I understand that this requirement of confidentiality is binding upon me after completion of my employment at the University and that state privacy laws may apply.


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