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Before preparing and submitting your proposal, please consult with the dean of your college on the application deadline, issue of eligibility relative to any prior leaves and the established Faculty Handbook criteria relative to said leaves. Also, please consult with your department chair and dean on scheduling, course replacement issues and your proposed project.

To apply formally for a sabbatical or academic leave, please follow these steps. If you have any questions, please contact your department chair and dean.


Provide the following information, using the format in this Word document.

  • Name
  • Department
  • College
  • Application type
  • Requested period of sabbatical/leave
  • Date of hire as tenure track faculty
  • Date(s) of all prior sabbaticals/leaves (by years and semesters)
  • Concise statement of the outcome(s) of your last sabbatical or leave. Link the outcomes to corresponding information in your curriculum vitae
  • If you are applying for an academic leave or leave without pay, provide justification for your request as an "exceptional case" warranting consideration before you are eligible for a sabbatical.

Project Description

For each project you will conduct during your leave, provide the information requested below. Limit your narrative to one page per project. You may use the format in this Word document.

(Note: If you are applying for an academic leave contingent upon the receipt of external funding (e.g. Fulbright, fellowship, etc.), a copy of your external proposal will suffice in place of the information requested in this step.)

  • Title of project
  • List of anticipated outcome(s) of project (e.g. book, articles, films) and projected date(s) of completion
  • Narrative - briefly describe proposed project and methodology.
  • List sources of funding for project.
  • Describe how your project will contribute to your professional development and to the discipline at large.
  • Describe how your project will contribute to your department, college and the university.

Application Submission

Submit your application materials. Your sabbatical/leave package should contain the following:

Submitted via e-mail

  1. Documents completed in Steps 1 & 2 above
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. If you have taken a previous sabbatical or academic leave, a copy of the report on your last sabbatical or academic leave must be included (if you do not have an electronic copy, please submit in print form with the documents below).

The application, curriculum vitae, and report from previous sabbaticals/leaves must be submitted via email to Diane Dooley, Specialist for Faculty Employment Processes at and the original proposal must be submitted to your dean and department chair for approval. Incomplete proposals or proposals that do not use the format specified above will be returned.

The Dean’s office will submit the proposal in print to Diane Dooley in the Office of the Provost, Marquette Hall - room 319 along with the following:

  1. Signed letter from Chair (if applicable)
  2. Signed letter from Dean containing the following information: 1) Unequivocal certification of eligibility for a sabbatical; 2) An explanation of plans for replacement, including salary and salary replacement information. The Dean may rank all proposals from the college, but he/she must send a letter for each applicant.