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Student Records

Meeting Our University Community's Needs, Exceeding Their Expectations

If you have a question about your registration, transcript, courses, course descriptions, veterans’ educational benefits, grades, graduation, diplomas – You are in the right place!

The Office of Student Records serves a number of important functions including:

  • Serving as a central hub for academic processes and policies
  • Creates, maintains, verifies, issues and protects each student's record
  • Maintains a state-of-the art academic records system, which is personalized and secure

The Office of Student Records places service to students, faculty, administrators and staff first among its priorities. Personalized attention and a commitment to effective and efficient service are important values in the administration of the Office of Student Records. The Office of Student Records is the only “records” office authorized to issue academic transcripts and diplomas. Other services provided include: conducting system training for new faculty and staff; providing support for colleges in setting up their term course offerings; assisting the colleges and students with registration; grade reporting; scheduling classes into the space available in the general classroom pool; continually verifying the accuracy of all system data; verifying student enrollment status; creating and disseminating standard and specialized reports to the colleges and departments for planning and decision-making purposes; reviewing, analyzing and suggesting revisions to current policies and processes or addition of new ones where appropriate; and assisting the with commencement.