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Meeting Minutes Format

These guidelines are provided as a suggested content and format for college and departmental minutes, and may be adapted to meet individual college and departmental needs.


First Paragraph:

  • Kind of meeting (regular, special, other)
  • Name of group that is meeting
  • Names of all present, absent, excused
  • Date and time of meeting
  • Place of meeting, if varies
  • Fact that Chairman and Secretary were present or name of substitute
  • Whether minutes of previous meeting were read and approved.

Separate paragraph for each subject matter in order of agenda:

  • Brief description of subject matter and name of presenter/s
  • Discussion points/concerns raised for each topic.  Not necesssary to attribute to individuals.  "There was discussion and these points were raised: (list points)"
  • Items for future action/discussion and responsible person/s
  • All main motions or motions to bring a main question again before the assembly stating
    • Name of mover
    • Wording which was adopted or disposed of
    • Disposition of motion (including amendments or motions)
    • Number of votes if count ordered or ballot vote
    • Names and votes if roll call vote

Last Paragraph:

  • Hour of adjournment


  • Seconder's name
  • Summary of Remarks of guest speakers



* Source: Jim Slaughter, JD, CPP-T, PRP and Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised 10th Edition


Office of the Provost, August 3, 2011