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This Committee is tasked with making informal attempts to address the grievance of any faculty member. For a full description of the duties and responsibilities of the committee, see Chapter 16-20 of the Faculty Handbook.

Policies and Procedures

In order to initiate a meeting with the UCC, the aggrieved faculty member must provide digital copies of the following information to the Chair of the UCC, and it must be provided simultaneously:

  • The person or faculty body against whom the grievance is being filed;
  • A concise statement of the case signed by the aggrieved faculty member;
  • A description of other factors, if any, that clearly affect the case;
  • A clear statement of the relief requested.

Review the committee's procedures for review of grievances in Chapter 4, Section H, of the Faculty Handbook.

Committee Membership List

  • Behrooz Moazami, Arts and Sciences (22)
  • Janna Saslaw, Music & Fine Arts, (20)
  • Kendra Reed, Business (21)
  • Markus Puder, Law (19)
  • Laurie Phillips, Library (21)


  • Mehmet Dicle, Business (21)
  • Natasha Bingham, Arts and Sciences (22)
  • Bobby Harges, Law (19)
  • Luretta Bybee, Music & Fine Arts (20)
  • TBD, Nursing and Health (18)
  • Trish Nugent, Library (21)


Committee List Published by the Office of the Provost

Contact Desiree Rodriguez 504-865-2281, with any corrections or changes.