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The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee (DEIC) is a Faculty Handbook Committee that advises the president on matters pertaining to diversity, equity, and inclusion at Loyola.

DEIC Duties

  • It shall review on a regular basis the progress made within the University in the recruitment, appointment, promotion, and other employment considerations of members of marginalized groups with respect to diversity, equity, and inclusion goals and timetables.
  • It shall review existing data annually and present to the President as needed a fully detailed analysis of the current student and employment profiles, and shall recommend to the President any remedies it deems necessary in order to keep alive the ideals of diversity, equity, and inclusion at the University.
  • It shall recommend to the President modifications of the diversity, equity, and inclusion strategic plan when it determines such modifications are desirable.
  • It shall support diversity in the curriculum by encouraging faculty members to include diversity topics in their courses, and by offering tangible support to faculty to encourage the creation of courses which promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • It shall monitor and promote academic and co-curricular programs and activities which feature diversity, equity, and inclusion themes.
  • It shall meet three times per semester (fall and spring).
  • It shall report to the President.

Contact us

Dr. Madison Silverstein,

Dr. LeAnne Steen,

Members include faculty representatives from each of the colleges and Library, staff representatives of relevant offices, and student representatives of the Student Government Association.


  • Madison Silverstein, Chair
  • LeAnne Steen, Secretary
  • Angel Martinez
  • Brianna Spikes
  • Cheyenne Williams
  • Elijah Kinchen
  • Valerie Goertzen
  • Julian Pina
  • Jacob DeRusha
  • Lindsay Sproul
  • Mazhar Islam
  • Meera Sossamon
  • Patricia Boyett
  • Tharren Poplion
  • Paolo Roy
  • Rachel Dirmann
  • Joseph Alligier
  • Kenneth Weber
  • Stephanie Oblena
  • Janine Smith

Committee List Published by the Office of the Provost
Contact Kurt Bindewald 504-865-3034, with any corrections or changes.

  1. Recruitment and Retention Subcommittee
    1. Accomplishments
      1. Passed a resolution in the faculty senate to make federal election day a holiday for faculty and staff
    2. Goals
      1. Create a resolution for the senate to bring back the position of VP for DEI
      2. Create a document for departmental hiring committees with guidance on how to recruit diverse faculty members
      3. Support clinical mental health counseling graduate students in their efforts to recruit and retain diverse students
      4. Ensure that exit interview data with diverse faculty members who have left the university are used for future faculty recruitment and retention efforts
      5. Review background check policy
      6. Provide DEI VP feedback on campus-wide climate survey 
  2. Pay Equity Subcommittee
    1. Accomplishments
      1. Passed a resolution in the faculty senate to ensure that all Loyola employees are paid a living wage
      2. Created dialogue between the DEI Committee, Women’s Studies Committee, and Women’s Studies Steering Committee about the pay equity study
    2. Goals
      1. Provide pay equity recommendations to the President in collaboration with the Women’s Studies Committee and Women’s Studies Steering Committee 
  3. Student Issues and Goals Subcommittee
    1. Accomplishments
      1. 1. Ensured that facilities fixed wheelchair accessible door buttons
      2. Passed a resolution in the faculty senate that all professors include a diversity, equity, and inclusion statement in their syllabi
    2. Goals
      1. Create a guide for LGBTQ+ students so they can better navigate the university system and feel more included (e.g., changing pronouns, LGBTQ+ organizations and events)
        1. Create a map for single stall bathrooms
      2. Create a guide for racial/ethnic, religious, and cultural minority students so they can better navigate the university system and feel more included
      3. Increase partnership between the Office of DEI and the Law School
      4. Increase amount of gender inclusive bathrooms on campus
      5. Ensure that faculty, staff, and LUPD receive DEI training
      6. Invite more undergraduate and graduate students to DEI committee meetings so that their concerns are heard
  4. Miscellaneous
    1. Accomplishments
      1. Provided a recommendation to the president to provide free menstrual products in all restrooms, which was enacted