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I.    Name of committee

II.   Chairperson and Secretary  – identify how chair and secretary will be elected 

III.  Membership

a. List both voting and non-voting members of the group.

b. Include the following information in this section:

i.  Appointed or elected and by whom

ii. For faculty members, indicate if need to be ordinary, tenured or extraordinary

iii. Describe expertise or qualification required to serve on committee

iv. Describe any circumstance(s) or exclusions that would prohibit someone from serving on the committee.

IV. Terms

Specify length of term or indefinite; renewable or non-renewable.

V. Purpose

(a brief paragraph that details the goals of the group)

VI. Duties / tasks

a. List the objectives for which individual members and the group as a whole are responsible.

b. Specify frequency of meetings

c. Include title of position to which committee reports and how frequently they shall provide a written report.


Note: proposed protocols also need to state in which handbook chapter, 16 or 17, the committee will be assigned.

Approved by University Faculty Handbook Revision Committee, 9/27/2012

Download Committee Protocol Template and Checklist (PDF)