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About Institutional Research

The Office of Institutional Research & Effectiveness (OIRE) collects, analyzes, and disseminates data about Loyola University New Orleans. In addition to ensuring that Loyola has uniform and consistent statistical information for official reporting, OIRE also provides planning and assessment support for the university’s decision-makers.

OIRE supplies the university with authoritative statistics, making it the primary source for those who are responding to external requests or are preparing internal reports that utilize statistical information. The office provides all of the official numbers for the university based upon the definitions established as standard policy.

Finally, OIRE works closely with colleges and academic departments to support planning and assessment of outcomes-based programming and compliance with SACSCOC accreditation requirements.  The office provides coordination, guidance, and training for all campus effectiveness planning and related assessment activities across the university with special emphasis on ensuring state-of-the-art evaluation of student learning outcomes across academic units. 

To learn more about planning for the assessment of academic programs - including the development of student learning outcomes (SLOs) and the assessment of the Common Curriculum - visit our page on Assessment Resources.

The Institutional Research & Effectiveness is committed to ethical practice in all professional activities and decisions and adheres to the provisions set forth by the Association for Institutional Research (PDF).