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Courses and Curriculum

The University Honors Program Curriculum combines Honors-specific requirements with the Common Curriculum requirements determined by a student’s major. The minimum Honors credit hours listed below do not include those non-honors Common Curriculum credit hours.

Course Descriptions

Though Honors courses are categorized under certain fields of study, Honors classes are interdisciplinary by nature and can usually satisfy more than one type of requirement. Please note that Honors students are not restricted to taking courses offered by the UHP. They are encouraged to pursue their interests and certain non-Honors classes are accepted into our curriculum as specifically indicated on the DPCLs.

Course Description Archives

Degree Program Course List (DCPL)

Degree Program Course Listings (DPCL) are available for every academic program that offers an Honors Program option. These detailed checklists of Honors and major requirements can be found alongside the major coursework for the programs.