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Guidelines for the Issuing of New Faculty Contracts

These guidelines apply to all Loyola faculty, whether paid or unpaid, in both on-campus and off-
campus programs. (File requirements for full-time faculty or part-time faculty are listed
separately.) All original documentation should be filed with Academic Affairs. The Provost and Vice
President for Academic Affairs will issue a contract to a new faculty member after a complete file
is submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs.

New Full-time Faculty

The following documents must be attached to a New Full-time Faculty File Checklist (PDF):
     1. Approved Request to Hire a Faculty Member/Affirmative Action in Faculty Hiring
     2. Position Announcement/Advertisement
     3. Faculty/Applicant Summary Form (PDF)
     4. Résumé
     5. Official Transcript (Guidelines)
     6. Letters of Recommendation (three are required)
     7. Letter of Commitment noting the following:
          a. Prior years of service at other institutions
          b. Type of contract (tenure, tenure track, extraordinary)
          c.  Rank
          d. Salary amount and contract dates

New Part-time Faculty

The following documents must be attached to a New Part-time Faculty File Checklist (PDF):
           1.  Résumé
           2.  Official Transcript (Guidelines)

 If available, the following documents should also be included in the file:

           3.   Position Announcement/Advertisement
           4.   Letters of Recommendation