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Name Change, Chosen Name Policy & Social Security Number Change

Name Change

If you were enrolled at Loyola at any time from 2013 through the present, we are able to process your request for a name change with legal documentation, i.e., court order, marriage certificate, or divorce decree.   You should submit this information to the Office of the Registrar (Thomas Hall 204)  or email

If you were not enrolled at Loyola from 2013 through the present, those records are now archived and we are unable to process any changes to our previous records system.   If you are applying for employment or admission to a university, you should send a copy of your legal name change to them with a statement that your transcript will arrive from Loyola with your previous name.

In all cases we are able to issue you an updated diploma based on your graduation documentation in either system.

Chosen Name Policy

While at Loyola University a student may choose to use a name other than their legal name. This chosen name will appear on most of the University’s internally used documents (e.g. class rosters and advisor rosters). Students may update their chosen name through their LORA portal (User Options - User Profile). The University seeks to ensure that all students feel respected, supported, and included in our campus community.

The chosen name will appear on all class rosters, advising lists, reports to departments, colleges, and other campus offices. The chosen name will not appear on legal documents, such as transcripts, financial aid documents, payroll, or any other documents where a legal name is required by law.

Because third parties, such as degree verification services and employers, often use the name as it appears on the diploma as the basis for verification of education, it is important that the name a student uses on his or her diploma accurately reflects the student's primary name recorded in the student records system (LORA).

If a student wishes to keep their information private, this restriction may be indicated through LORA Self-Service (User Options - Student Records Release). This will prohibit the release of a student’s information to an outside source (e.g., enrollment verification by prospective employers, insurance companies, etc.).

Contact the University Registrar with any further questions regarding chosen name changes.

Social Security Number Change

Change of social security number will only be processed with official documentation of the correct number. Submit this information to the Office of the Registrar (Thomas Hall 204)  along with the request form (which is available in the office). Processing normally takes 2 -3 working days.

Campus Wide ID

To assure the security of our students and their social security numbers, all students are assigned a CWID (Campus Wide Identification number). This number may be used for all official transactions on campus.