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Spring 2023 Registration

Incoming Students (Admitted Spring 2023)  


Students admitted for Spring 2023 will receive a tentative schedule from their dedicated advisor.

  • Mid-November through December 2:  As soon as the deposit is made, students should complete the Academic Advising and Involvement Survey.   Click here for Academic Advising and Involvement Survey
  • When New Student Registration opens in mid-November, advisors will register surveyed students within about two weeks.  Registration will continue on a rolling basis after that, with students hearing from their advisors within two weeks of completing the survey.
  • The last day to submit a survey is Friday, December 2.
  • December 3 through January 23:  Registrations will continue on a rolling basis according to deposit until December 19.  They will then resume on January 3, and continue through he last day to add classes on January 23.

College contacts:

College of Arts and Sciences, Sara Clark,
College of Business, Melissa Ridley,
College of Music and Media, Laura Jayne,

Continuing Students

Advising and Registration Dates for Undergraduate and Graduate Students outside of the College of Law

Advising  - Undergraduates/Graduates - Begins Monday, October 24, 2022.  Contact your advisor for an appointment.

Registration -  Undergraduate and Graduate Students:

  •  Begins Monday, November 7, 2022 (see timetable below for times and classifications)

    Once registration begins it will continue until the last day of registration for the Spring semester.

    The schedule of course offerings for will be available in your LORA Self-Service portal under Course Catalog.  Building and Room assignments will appear on LORA approximately 2 weeks before the start of a session.

    Advising and Registration Dates for the College of Law

    • Law Students: Begins October 31  (see timetable below for times and classifications).  Once registration begins it will continue until the last day of registration for the Spring semester.

    Get Ready to Register

    • Be sure you have access to LORA Self-Service using your Single Sign On and your Loyola Microsoft account.  You don't want to wait to do this when you are ready to begin registering for your classes.  
    • Prior to registration you should resolve any holds you may have that will prevent you from registering. See below for more information.
    • All continuing students must accept the Student Policies, Responsibilities & Expectations Agreement every semester. Until you do this, you cannot register for classes, nor can your advisor or anyone else register you.
    • The schedule of course offerings will be available in your LORA Self-Service portal under Course Catalog.  Building and room assignments will appear on LORA approximately 2 weeks before the start of a session.
    • Students in most undergraduate and some graduate programs must be cleared by an advisor in order to register; schedule an appointment with your advisor as soon as possible once advising begins on Monday, October 24. If you cannot locate your advisor, contact your department chair (CAS & CNH) or your associate dean (other colleges). Law and non-degree seeking students are not required to meet with an advisor and your access will be automatically activated and you may register through LORA at your appropriate time. The Academic Advising web site provides additional useful information about the advising and coaching resources available through the Student Success Center.
    • Some course sections use Respondus (Lockdown or Monitor) for online exams; this information is included in the Course Catalog and on the syllabus. Lockdown is a separate browser that is used to access the test - it locks students into the test screen and prohibits printing, accessing other areas on the internet, and screen sharing. You do not need permission to use Lockdown. Monitor adds onto the lockdown browser and live records students taking the exam and will "flag" problem behaviors such as materials shown on the desk, multiple people on the screen, or students leaving the testing area. Students are required to show some form of picture ID before taking the exam. Monitor is not live proctoring by a real individual, but gives the instructor more view into the student's testing environment and behaviors.


    Under the User Options field there are 3 required items:

    1. Emergency contact - if you have previously entered this information and it is still correct, please select “confirm”
    2. Student Policies, Responsibilities & Expectations Agreement - located under Required agreements
    3. User Profile - confirm or correct your address, emails and phone number

    Also under the User Profile are 2 optional fields:

    1. Proxy access - any proxy user you assign will have access to view your student account.  You may update or remove access for proxy users at any time using this form.  Loyola will not interpret the existence of a proxy account as authorization to disclose any additional educational information with that person beyond what the proxy user will be able to view for themselves in LORA Self-Service.
    2. Student Records Release Information  - You may choose to grant complete or selected access to your educational record. Be sure that the individuals you authorize know the PIN you choose as they may be asked to provide it when requesting information. You can review the individuals who are authorized to access your educational record by revisiting this page. You may revoke or modify this authorization at any time by contacting the Office of the Registrar at
    3. Clean up your Course Planner - Please delete planned courses from present and prior semesters that you did not enroll or do not plan to enroll in. 

    The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 governs access to and release of student records. Under FERPA, Loyola University New Orleans may not disclose non-directory information without a student's consent. By submitting this records release form, you authorize Loyola University New Orleans to disclose the selected elements of your educational record to the person(s) you indicate for the duration of time that you specify.

    Registration Holds  

    During registration you will not be allowed to register with any type of registration hold.  Please check your LORA account for holds on your record and contact the appropriate office to resolve.  Click on your name at the top of the Self Service page and you will see any hold that need your attention.

    Financial Hold
    • Students with a financial block will NOT be allowed to register until they have satisfied their financial obligations to the university. Promissory notes are not an option. You can view your current billing account in your LORA portal.
    Health Hold
    • If you have not submitted your state required immunization forms to Student Health, you will not be allowed to register.
    Other Holds -
    • Contact the Entry Office for information on your hold.


    Registration Classifications for Undergraduate (Day)Students

    Undergraduate (day) students in the Colleges of Arts and Sciences,  Music & Fine Arts,  Business and Nursing and Health  will register based on your current classification at the beginning of the semester.   Your current classification is based on your current earned hours:

    First Year - 0 - 24 hours

    Sophomores - 25 -55 hours

    Juniors - 56 - 89 hours

    Seniors - 90+ hours

    Wait Listing A Course - NEW PROCESS, SO READ CAREFULLY

    • Course sections in the schedule have been created with a waitlist option. If you request such a section and the section is closed, you have the option of being placed on a waitlist. You are placed on the waitlist in the order of your request. 
    • It is extremely important that you do not place yourself on a waitlist if you have a time conflict, if you are missing a prerequisite, if you are already enrolled in a different section of the same course, or if you have any other issue that would prevent you from enrolling in the class.  These may include, but may not be limited to:
      • The student is on the waitlist, but their advisor has not cleared them to register, if required
      • The student is on the waitlist, but they do not meet the prerequisites or restrictions for the section
      • The student is on the waitlist, but they have university holds on their record that prevent them from registering
      • The student is on the waitlist, but is already enrolled in a different section of the same course
      • The student is on the waitlist, but has a time conflict with the waitlisted section
      • The student is on the waitlist, but there is no room in their schedule to add more credit hours without going over maximum (overload)
      • The student is on a waitlist for half of a lecture or lab combination where the lecture and the lab are corequisites. 
    • NEW PROCESS: If a seat becomes available, you will receive an email stating that the course is now available.  It is up to you to enroll yourself into the course.  You will be given until midnight the following day to take care of this enrollment.  If you fail to process the registration, you will be dropped from the waitlist, and if you would like to waitlist again, you will be placed at the end of the list.


    Spring 2023 Registration Timetable: Undergraduate, Online and Graduate Students

    Registration Begins: *  Academic Standing Time

    Monday, November 7

    Online colleges and Graduate students

    8 a.m.  

    Tuesday, November 8

    Current Seniors and Post Baccalaureate students 

    8 a.m.  

    Wednesday, November 9

    Non-Senior OAE approved students

    Non-Senior Honor Students

    Non-Senior Athletes

    Non-Senior Military Veterans (receiving VA benefits)

    8 a.m.  

    Thursday, November 10

    Current Juniors  (56-89 hours **)
    8 a.m.  

    Friday, November 11

    Current Sophomores (25-55 hours**)
    8 a.m.  


    Monday, November 14


    Current First Year (0 - 24 hours **) and Non-degree
    8 a.m.  
    Tuesday, November 15 Registration continues for all
    8 a.m. - through last day to register *


    *   Check academic calendar for last day to add and/or drop.


    College of Law

    Spring Registration Timetable:

    Registration Begins:  * Academic Standing Time


    October 31

    Current Evening Seniors and Part-time Seniors
     8:30 a.m. 


    November 1

    Current Full-time Seniors
     8:30 a.m.


    November 2

    Current Evening Juniors and Sophomores and Part-time Juniors and Sophomores
     8:30 a.m. 


    November 3

    Current Full-time Juniors
     8:30 a.m. 


    November 4

    LLM's and MA's to be registered by Law Records  

    NOTES:  1L evening students and 1L part-time students will be registered in their courses by Law Records.  1L day students will be registered in 4 of their 5 courses.  1L day students will choose an elective on Friday, November 11.


    *   Check academic calendar for last day to add and/or drop.


    If you have technical problems, please call Information Technology at (504) 865-2255. If you have questions or non-technical problems, please call the Office of the Registrar at (504) 865-3237 during normal business hours. The Office of the Registrar is open until 4:45 p.m. Monday through Friday. After hours, you may email for non-technical issues.