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Loyola University New Orleans is proud to assist our nation's veterans with completion of their degree. Once admitted, students should provide their Certificate of Eligibility to Kathy Gros, our Certifying Official and University Registrar. Mrs. Gros will act as the liaison between you, the university, and Veterans Administration.

Apply now as a:

Resources for Veterans

Tuition Assistance - Prior to enrolling at Loyola University New Orleans, prospective students should speak with their Education Service Officer (ESO) or Education Counselor within your respective military service.

Loyola University New Orleans has signed the DoD MOU which allows Loyola to participate in tuition assistance. Please note that these benefits are paid directly to the university and are only applicable towards tuition and fees. Military Tuition Assistance is a benefit paid to eligible members of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard. Each service has its own criteria for eligibility. Tuition Assistance may not be used to support textbooks, grants or scholarships.  

Post 9-11 Benefits 

Survivor and Dependent Benefits  

Selected Reserve (MGIB-SR)  

Loyola University New Orleans is a participating institution in the Principles of Excellence program established by President Barack Obama in April 2012. These Principles are designed to help veterans and their families make informed choices when using their educational benefits offered by the GI Bill. Loyola University agrees to the following:

  • Provide students with a personalized form covering the total cost of an educational program
  • Provide educational plans for all military and veteran beneficiaries
  • End fradulent and aggressive recruiting techniques
  • Accommodate Servicemembers and Reservists absent due to service requirements
  • Designate a point of contact to provide academic and financial advice
  • Ensure accreditation of all new programs prior to enrolling students
  • Align institutional refund policies with those under Title IV, which governs the administration of federal student financial aid programs

View the complete Executive Order establishing the Principles of Excellence

This scholarship is named in honor of Capt. Ahn who died in a tragic parachuting accident while with his unit in 2015. This is an annual scholarship for a student who served in the U.S. Army Special Forces and is now a full-time student. The award is $1000. Learn more about the scholarship

Loyola University New Orleans will adhere to the requirements of and comply with the Veterans Benefits and Transition Act of 2018, specifically S2248 PL 115-407 Section 103 and 104

In accordance with the Veterans Benefits and Transition Act of 2018, section 3679(e) of title 38 (Public Law 115-407), a student who is entitled to educational assistance under Chapter 31, Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment, or Chapter 33m Post 9-11 GI Bill benefits shall be permitted to attend or participate in the course of education during the period beginning on the date on which the individual provides to Loyola a Certificate of Eligibility (or Statement of Benefits obtained from the Department of Veteran Affairs website) for entitlement for educational assistance.

This Act applies to students attending Loyola University utilizing VA Chapter 31 or 33 benefit to obtain their education goal. Loyola University will not impose any penalties due to the delayed disbursement of funding from the VA. Students with payment delays will not be charged late fees, prevented from enrolling or denied access to courses, libraries or other institutional facilities. Students are not required to borrow additional funding due to delayed funding.

Immediately following registration held in the beginning of each semester, students who are taking courses leading towards degree requirements are eligible for benefits through the Veterans Administration and can be certified by the University Registrar in the Office of the Registrar. In accordance with Title 38, United States Code, Veterans Benefits, Loyola University certifies only those students who are admitted to a degree program and who are making satisfactory progress as determined by the probationary and exclusion policies of the university's colleges.

Reimbursement is certified for courses only and excludes noncredit courses. All inquiries concerning the certification should be directed to the Office of the Registrar, 504-865-3237 or email


Classification Full-Time 3/4 Time 1/2 Time 1/4 Time
Undergraduate 12 hours 9 hours 6 hours 3 hours
Graduate *  6 hours 4-5 hours 3 hours less than 3
Law   12 hours 9 hours 6 hours less than 6
Summer School  6 hours 3 hours    


* 3 hours in a condensed session is considered full-time (graduate only)



Beginning Spring 2022, students using the Post 9/11 GI Bill® benefits will be required to verify their enrollment at the end of each month.  Failure to verify for two consecutive months will interrupt the Monthly Housing Allowance (MHA) and/or kicker payments.

How to Verify Your Enrollment

Once VA processes your term certification, you should receive a text message from VA asking if you would like to use text messages to verify your enrollment.  When you opt-in, you will be sent a text each month asking if you continue to be enrolled,

You should also receive a payment letter that contains additional information about the verification requirement including your options to verify. If you do not receive an automated opt-in text message by the time you receive the payment letter, please contact the Educational Call Center to manually opt-in - 1-888-442-4551).

Student Veteran Lounge 

Loyola University now has an area for military and veteran students to socialize and study or just  relax between classes.  There is a refrigerator and microwave in this area for your use in addition to sofas,chairs, tables and desks.   We also provide water and coffee for your use. The area is located in Thomas Hall 402 and the current hours are 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.  In the lounge you will find:

Early Registration

Current veterans and active duty students are given priority registration during each of the registration periods. All eligible veterans are notified of their appropriate time prior to the start of early registration.

Yellow Ribbon Participation

Loyola University New Orleans participates in the Yellow Ribbon program for those veterans who are 100% eligible for the Post 9-11 benefit. Loyola will provide up to $12,000 per academic year which VA will match. This is in addition to the Post 9-11 benefit of $27,120.65 (effective August 1, 2023) per academic year. This benefit is available to all eligible undergraduate, graduate and nursing doctoral students. This benefit is available to a maximum of 25 students from the College of Law.

Distance Learning

You can use your GI benefits for online distance learning approved programs. See the VA site for further information 

Study Abroad Opportunities for Veterans

Studying abroad will give you the opportunity to acquire a greater understanding of foreign cultures and languages. The VA has authorized GI Bill recipients to use their benefits to study abroad under certain circumstances. Please visit the VA website for further information. Post-9/11 GI Bill: Study Abroad Program (PDF)

Information on Loyola's Study Abroad programs can be found on the Center for International Education website. 


This site provides benefit information to veterans, service members and family member of service members and veterans. Before calling VA with a question, you might be able to have your question answered on this site.

Ultimate Guide to Veterans Benefits

There is information in this guide that you may or may not be aware of. Take some time to review. You may find that there are benefits that you are entitled to receive.

Tax Guide for Military Members & Veterans

Wouldn't life be grand without taxes? You can't avoid them altogether, but as an active-duty U.S. military member of a veteran, you have access to tax benefits that are mostly unavailable to other Americans.  In return for your service to the country, the federal government and individual states have established tax breaks to lighten your financial load or to ease your return to civilian life.   

GI Bill Comparison Tool

Calculate your benefits and research approved programs 

Paying for College

This site can be used by prospective students to enter the names of up to three schools and receive detailed financial information on each one and enter actual financial aid award information.

Loyola New Orleans Cohort Default Rate (CDR) (PDF)

Student Right-to-Know

Research Guides for Student Veterans - This guide was developed to provide information to any veteran searching for information on educational benefits.

Student Success Center - The SSC is committed to providing a comprehensive academic support system for a diverse student body in all four undergraduate colleges. View their services offered on their website.

University Counseling Center - Services include psychiatric services, psychological testing, outreach, crisis intervention

Career Development - EMPLOYOLA should be your first stop in any job or internship search.  

Loyola University New Orleans wishes to provide as much assistance as possible to students who are called to active duty in the United State armed services. To this end, these guidelines shall be followed with appropriate consideration, approved by the president of the University, as required under special individual circumstances. For additional guidelines, please read the Military Service Policy for Active Duty .

This comprehensive guide serves two purposes: (1) to address the many challenges that college-bound veterans face daily and (2) to provide valuable information and resources vetted by actual student veterans who have experienced (and overcome) these challenges first-hand.

Transitioning from Military Service to the Civilian Workforce

Military and Veteran Cellphone Discounts for 2020

Substance Abuse and Addiction Treatment for Veterans

Addiction Resources

Veterans Guide to Starting a Business

SBA Guide on Funding Your Business

Mesothelioma Guide - 1/3 of all mesothelioma patients are veterans, and approximately 6,000 veterans afflicted with this asbestos-caused cancer died between 1999 and 2005 alone. The reason this cancer targets so many veterans is because of the prevalence of asbestos use in the military in the past. This outreach site specializes in connecting patients with doctors and treatment options that are best suited for them. Services and resources are 100% free to patients and family members.

Mesothelioma & Asbestos Awareness 

Resources for Veteran-Owned Business - Successful veteran business owners share how to start a business, find funding, and gain customers

Release Of Information To Veterans Administration

If requested, Loyola University New Orleans is required to provide Veterans Administration with copies of grades and academic records to support certifications or to show failure to meet progress requirements without seeking prior approval of the individual veteran.

School Compliance - Title 38 United States Code Section 3679(e)

Loyola University New Orleans will permit any covered individual to attend or participate in the course of education during the period beginning on the date on which the individual provides to Loyola New Orleans a certificate of eligibility for entitlement to educational assistance under chapter 31 or 33.  Loyola New Orleans will not impose any penalty, including the assessment of late fees, the denial of access to classes, libraries or other institutional facilities because of the individual's inability to meet his or her financial obligations to the institution due to the delayed disbursement funding from VA under chapter 31 or 33.   Note:  individuals may still be responsible for non-tuition and/or fees related to the semester charges.  These charges must be paid by the deadline established by the university.

Visiting the Loyola Campus

Take a trip around campus without leaving home. Sit back and enjoy our beautiful campus.  

Meet a Loyola Veteran

Craig Arceneaux is a senior in our music industry program. Craig shares his story of transitioning from military life to music production at Loyola. This video includes original music by Craig and his band Voodoo Roux, with a teaser clip from their latest work with Lil Wayne.  


Questions regarding your individual entitlement should be directed to Veterans Administration – 1-800-827-1000. Other questions can be directed to Kathy Gros, University Registrar and School Certifying Official – 504-865-3237 or Her office is located in Thomas Hall 204.