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Each sponsored project represents a contract between the grantor (government agency, foundation, or corporation) and the university. For this reason, all faculty and staff members seeking external support from a government agency or office must obtain administrative approval through this office. Students seeking such support should apply through a faculty member. 

For sponsored project applications to private sponsors, you can either email this office or the contact the Office of Development for assistance.  We will direct you to the office best suited to assist you. Please contact us early enough to ensure that we have sufficient time to obtain the necessary approvals to submit your application by the sponsor due date.

Application Process

  1. Inform this office at the earliest opportunity that you intend to submit an application for funding. If given sufficient notice, this office can assist you in planning and developing your application as well as with technical matters.
  2. Provide the following pre-application information and materials to the Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs at least ten business days before the sponsor deadline.
    • Name of the sponsoring agency and specific funding opportunity 
    • Project title 
    • Proposed project/program period (we can assist you in determining these dates)
    • Abstract (may be in draft form)
    • Budget narrative/justification (with costs itemized and any cost sharing specified; see our budget development PDF for more information)  
    • If cost sharing is involved, provide the account number(s) from which the Loyola funds will be drawn 
    • Contact information for project leader/administrator at each participating institution (other than Loyola), if any
    • Contact information for each individual, non-Loyola contributor (consultant), if any
    • A list of your current and pending support, if requested by the sponsor
    • Any other financial information to be included in the application 
    • Any language that is to be included in the application and addresses whether Loyola will support/sustain the project beyond the award termination date 

    The information/materials listed above are requested ten business days prior to the external due date to ensure time for due diligence by this office and others involved in the internal approval process.  In some cases, a project leader may not be able to prepare the materials as early as requested.  In these cases, we will work with you (within reason) to secure institutional approvals in a shortened time-frame, but do not guarantee that the application will be approved for submission.

  3. Upon receipt of this information/these materials, this office will prepare a budget for your review, compile the application clearance materials, and circulate these materials for approval by you and the appropriate signatory authorities. As per Loyola's conflict of interest policy, the clearance form will require you to confirm that you have (1) submitted a Loyola Employee Conflict of Interest form within the past 12 months and the information provided is current, and (2) verified that each of other Loyola Investigator/key person on the project has submitted a Conflict of Interest form within the 12 months and the information provided is current. 
  4. This office is available to help develop applications and to review application narratives upon request. Regarding the latter, although every reasonable effort will be made to review your proposal as quickly as possible, given the workload of this office, the turnaround time may be as long as a week. For this reason, to ensure that you have time to finalize your application, we recommend that, whenever possible, you provide narratives to us at least two weeks before the sponsor deadline.
  5. The final proposal materials should be submitted to this office in complete form at least three business days before the sponsor's deadline. Time is required for document compilation and proper review and to account for possible complications associated with any electronic submission system. Although we strive to be as helpful as possible, we cannot guarantee the successful submission of your applications if you do not provide all of the required materials in final form within this timeframe.
  6. In some cases, a letter of intent or other document must be submitted in advance of the complete application. If that document contains any financial information—even if it's just a total request amount, this information must be routed through this office prior to being released. The simple rule is that anything with a dollar sign should be routed. This practice protects the integrity of the university by ensuring that the financial information released to sponsors is consistent with Loyola's central records, which are subject to audit. We will do our best to ensure that the information you provide to us is reviewed in a timely manner.