The University Honors Program Curriculum combines Honors-specific requirements with the Common Curriculum requirements determined by a student’s major. The minimum Honors credit hours listed below do not include those non-honors Common Curriculum credit hours.

Current Curriculum*

* for students entering in Fall 2013

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Core Requirements (10 credit hours)

Honors First Year Seminar (3 credit hours, XXXX-H121)
Ignatian Colloquium (1 credit hour, HONS-H193)
Social Justice Seminar (3 credit hours, XXXX-H396)
Honors Ethics (3 credit hours, XXXX-H215)

Seminar Requirements
(at least 11 credit hours, each discipline to be fulfilled with up to 6 to be fulfilled above requirements– otherwise all H295)*

Replacing ICC:
Philosophy (3 credit hours)
Religious Studies (3 credit hours)
History (3 credit hours)

Replacing Advanced Common Curriculum:
Creative Arts and Cultures (2 credit hours)
Social Science (3 credit hours)
Literature (3 credit hours)

* Both the “Social Justice” and “Ethics” seminars may fulfill one of the Honors seminar requirements, in addition to fulfilling a core requirement. Honors seminars are interdisciplinary, and a particular seminar may satisfy more than one requirement (for example, “Shakespeare and Music” can satisfy “creative arts and cultures” or “literature”)

Requirements that may be fulfilled with Honors seminars or A-level courses (0-6 credit hours)

Mathematics (0-3 credit hours)
Natural Science (0-3 credit hours)

Requirements in the Major (6 credit hours)

Thesis (0-3 credit hours, HONS-H491 or departmental equivalent)
3 additional credits of thesis or Honors-level coursework in the major

Curriculum from previous semesters**

**for students who entered before Fall 2013

For students who entered in fall 2012 or spring 2013, view the curriculum in the 2012-2013 undergraduate bulletin or download the curriculum for reference.

For students who entered between Fall 2007 and Spring 2012, each student should follow the link below that corresponds to his or her major college.