Students' Emergency Responsibilities


  • File personal evacuation plan with Student Affairs.
  • Practice signing on for each course through Blackboard.
  • Provide regular and alternative e-mail address and phone contact information to each instructor.
  • Pack textbooks, assignments, syllabi and any other needed materials for each course and bring during an evacuation/suspension.

During Evacuation/Suspension

  • Faculty will continue to expect the same level of responsibility and performance from students during an evacuation/suspension.
  • Students are required to keep up with course work during the evacuation/suspension as specified on course syllabi and on-line Blackboard courses.
  • Students should complete any reading and/or writing assignments given by professors before emergency began.
  • Students should also monitor the main universeity site ( for general information.

Assuming a power source is available...

  • Log on to university Web site within 48 hours of an evacuation.
  • Log on to each course through Blackboard or e-mail within 48 hours of an evacuation.
  • Log on to the university Blackboard site,, within 48 hours of any evacuation to receive further information regarding contacting course instructors for assignments, etc.
  • Complete Blackboard and/or other online assignments posted by professors (students are required to turn in assignments on time during the evacuation/suspension period and once the university campus has reopened.)
  • Students are required to contact professors during an evacuation/suspension (or as soon as classes resume on campus) to explain any emergency circumstances that may have prevented them from completing expected work.

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