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Strategic Plan

Transforming Loyola 2020

As Loyola University New Orleans enters into its second century, we are responsible for creating a learning experience where students of the present and future have the opportunity to grow into people for others. A strategic plan, one that articulates the priorities of the Loyola community, solidifies the continued growth of the university, especially in the changing and competitive landscape of higher education.

Transforming Loyola 2020 was created to inspire and address the needs of Loyola. The plan offers the university community an opportunity to lay a strong foundation for the future and presents a deliberate and solid path to transformation for the university, its faculty, staff, students, and community.

A Plan in Action

Our four strategies present a foundation for Loyola to build on its strength in preparing students for life after Loyola with the skills, creativity, and courage to choose what they become.

The strategic plan strives to cultivate a learning-centered community that is:

  • dedicated to a high-quality, experiential, and values-based education
  • devoted to students’ discovery of their career and a life of service
  • infused by the culture and traditions of New Orleans
  • rooted in the Jesuit, Catholic mission of the university


Loyola student leading class at St. George's Episcopal School


Create a learning-centered community dedicated to a high-quality, experiential, and values-based education.


  • Ensure each student engages in at least two experiential-based practices, including collaborative research, community engagement, internships, study abroad and global immersion.
  • Develop an integrated co-curricular program to engage students in the life of the campus.
  • Centralize academic support services.
  • Develop, review and revise college organizational structures and programs.


Networking Night in the Loyola College of Business


Create a learning-centered community devoted to students’ discovery of their career and a life of service.


  • Transform Loyola’s Career Services into a signature program & recruitment tool.
  • Create a new collaborative model for advising that focuses on student development, not just progress toward a degree.
  • Develop the network of Loyola alumni and friends who support students’ exploration of career paths and a life of service through internships, summer jobs and other engagement.
  • Design and implement an e-portfolio program for undergraduate students.


Loyola students at Mardi Gras World.


Create a learning-centered community infused by the cultures and traditions of New Orleans.


  • Create a new model and support structure to engage the Loyola community directly with New Orleans.
  • Increase opportunities for students to interact with the cultures, traditions and location of New Orleans through their coursework.
  • Create a marketing campaign highlighting Loyola’s connections to New Orleans.
  • Create and enhance programs that will supply graduates for growing-demand professions in New Orleans.


Loyola students standing in front of the Monroe Library


Create a learning-centered community rooted in the Jesuit and Catholic mission of the university.


  • Expand formation of students, faculty and staff in Loyola’s Jesuit identity through integration of spirituality, justice and the intellectual life.
  • Integrate Ignatian principles of discernment into advising, career planning and support for lives of service.
  • Tie course-level student learning outcomes to aspects of Loyola’s Jesuit and Catholic identity, such as its commitment to justice and ethical conduct.
  • Increase opportunities for students, faculty and staff to connect, collaborate and support Jesuit ministries in New Orleans and beyond.
  • Integrate into the university hiring process the opportunity for all job candidates to articulate how they can contribute to the university’s mission.