Provost's Emergency Responsibilities


  • Ensures that each dean has invdividual college plans for academic insruction continuation.
  • Ensures that the Academic Affairs Continuity of Operations Plan is posted and widely communicated.
  • Develops emergency training for Academic Affairs faculty and staff.
  • Provides updated contact tree to Provost's Office staff and direct reports.



  • In case of evacuation resulting in the activation of the off-site recovery location, serves on Loyola Off-site Recovery Team (LORE) Phase l team with president, vice presidents, deans and University Senate Chair/Designee.  The LORE 1 will evacuate to an off-site location, currently in Dallas, TX.
  • In case of suspension, establishes immediate communication with the deans and vice provosts. Works with deans and Emergency Management Team to ensure timely updates to faculty, staff, students, and families.
  • In consultation with deans, develops plans for resumption of instruction on campus.
  • Ensures that faculty and staff have prompt access to campus as soon as it is feasible so that they can expedite the return to normal operations.
  • In evacuations/suspensions lasting more than two weeks, establishes contact and consults with SCAP and the Executive Committee of the Senate through Blackboard or other electronic communications.
  • Communicates necessary changes in academic policy and procedures caused by the evacuation/suspension.
  • Upon resumption of on campus operations, obtains feedback from faculty and staff by utilizing the University Senate, Administrative Senate, Standing Council for Academic Planning, Deans' Council, Provost's Council and electronic questionnaire to all faculty and staff.


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