Mission of online education at Loyola

Loyola University New Orleans, a Jesuit and Catholic institution of higher education, welcomes students of diverse backgrounds and prepares them to lead meaningful lives with and for others; to pursue truth, wisdom, and virtue; and to work for a more just world. Inspired by the Ignatian vision of education, the university is grounded in the liberal arts and sciences, while also offering opportunities for professional studies in undergraduate and selected graduate programs. 

Loyola provides online and hybrid learning opportunities to enrich the university as a whole and help it extend its mission. Online learning at Loyola University New Orleans will be rooted in our traditions and will be held up to the same standards of excellence, accreditation, and sustainability. Faculty and staff who work with these programs, and the students enrolled in such programs of study, will receive the support they need to succeed.

Online and hybrid education at Loyola will:

  • Respond to the expansion of digital information and tools that increasingly shape modern life
  • Be integrated into the portfolio of educational strategies and comprehensively supported to maximize effectiveness
  • Diversify learning venues and opportunities that can attract a host of diverse students, all engaged in the mode of learning that best suits their learning styles and situations
  • Use the experience and expertise of our faculty and staff, guided by the Ignatian traditions of distinctive, accessible modes of learning and teaching, to create a niche in higher education
  • Engage faculty and students in meaningful learning and innovative pedagogies
  • Explore learning modes and delivery systems that can inspire pedagogical and intellectual innovation as well as provide greater access, flexible scheduling, and choice to students who live on and off campus, those that live at a distance, and to address the needs of traditionally underserved student populations
  • Be integrated in the university infrastructure and decision-making processes