Work Order and Repair Order Procedures

Work Order Procedure

  • Call the Help Desk at X2255 or email at to create your Telecom request. 
  • Please provide the nature of the work or repair, including building, office number and phone extension.  Someone from Telecommunications will contact you.
  • If there is a cost involved, you will receive an authorization form. Please sign and include account information. This must be received before work can be completed.

Repair Order Procedure

  • Call the Help Desk at (504) 865-2255.
  • State nature of repair, building, office and extension number.

Equipment and Labor Costs

Single Line analog wall sets $ 45.00
Single line analog desk sets $ 45.00
Sinlge line analog desk set with message waiting lamp $ 45.00
D-Term Series I Multi-line set $350.00
Analog Port $300.00
Digital Port $300.00
Voice Mailbox $25.00