Wireless Network

Wireless is enabled throughout campus.  This includes residential halls, academic buildings (including the Danna Center and the Sports Complex) and the outside areas in between.  To access Loyola's wifi, please join the Loyno Secure wifi network.  

The username is everything before the @ symbol in your Loyola email address. The password is your Loyola Microsoft Office password.  By default, that password is the first two letters of your first name, the last four of your social security number, followed by an uppercase LU.

For example: abXXXXLU

Starting in the Fall of 2021, this password will by your password for the following systems.  

Microsoft Office (your Loyola account)
Printing to Loyola printers
vlab (vlab.loyno.edu)
Loyno Secure Wifi

To change or reset your password, please go to office.com and reset it on your Microsoft account.  Keep in mind that when you change your password, it will change on all of the systems listed above.

To report wifi issues in the residential halls or if you have any questions, please email support@loyno.edu.