New Student FAQs

Welcome to Loyola University New Orleans. Many of you may have questions about computing on campus. Listed are some questions you may have along with some answers that we hope will help.

Do I need to bring a computer to campus?

More and more students are bringing computers to campus, but for those who cannot, Loyola university New Orleans does have computer labs on campus with both Dell and Macintosh computers.

What kind of computer should I bring to campus?

The answer to your question depends on your selected major. Business school students should bring a Windows based computer, while Visual Arts students would do better with a Macintosh. It is always a good idea to ask your advisor for recommendations.

Should I bring a laptop or a desktop?

Either one. There is usually enough space in the resident hall rooms to accommodate a desktop. If you prefer a laptop, you can take advantage of the convenience that it provides. It is recommended however that you do not leave a laptop unattended in public areas. If you are working in the library and need to get a book from the shelves, it is always a good idea to take the laptop with you.

Do I need to bring a printer?

Since printers are small and very affordable, many students find it useful to have one in their room. If you choose not to bring one, we have printers in the labs where students can print for free. You will not be able to connect your laptop in our labs to print to those printers, but you can bring a file on a USB flash drive or access files you may have stored in your email or on a web or FTP site.

What software is installed on the Lab computers?

We use the Microsoft Office Suite as a standard across campus. In a few locations such as the Law School, Corel WordPerfect is installed.

Will I have a network connection on campus?

Yes, every student will have their own network port in their resident hall room.

Are the resident halls wireless?

Yes, all resident halls have wireless access.

Where is wireless supported on campus?

Everywhere on the main and Broadway campuses, including all classrooms and dorm rooms.

If my computer breaks, does Loyola University have a service department that can fix it?

Information Technology is your Internet Service Provider. We can help you get connected to our network. All other issues with your computer need to be handled by an outside service provider. Please call I.T. at x2255 if you need a recommendation for a repair center.

Do I need an antivirus program on my computer?

Yes. If you do not have one, you may download a free version of AVG by clicking here.

Do I need a firewall installed on my computer?

Information Technology has a firewall that protects computers on our network, but it is ok to have one on your computer as well. Information Technology recommends that students use the built in Windows Firewall that came with their computer.

Does Loyola sell computers?

We do not sell computers on campus, but we do have links to partner on-line stores where you can purchase with an educational discount. Feel free to check our online stores for personal purchases.

What is the minimum required configuration that a computer must have to work on Loyola's network?

Windows 7   Ethernet card and cable for direct connection or wireless capability.

OS 9 Ethernet port with cable for direct connection or wireless capability.

NOTE: While it is possible to establish an Internet connection with less, this is the minimum requirement recommended.