LoyMail Daily Campus E-Mail Digest

Campus-Wide Broadcast

Information Technology provides E-Mail broadcast services to the Loyola community. Broadcasting sends an e-mail message to all Loyola mail accounts. Three addresses have been established for this purpose. They are:

Messages sent to any or all of these addresses are reviewed by Information Technology before they are released to the community. Messages must adhere to the following guidelines for broadcast:

  1. The message must be generated from a Loyola account
  2. The message must be under 200 words
  3. The message may not be of a personal or commercial nature
  4. The message must be germane to the Loyola community (ie. SGA messages, messages from a department, college or administration, Sorority, Fraternity, club, etc.)
  5. The message must not contain attachments

Messages meeting all of these criteria will be released for broadcast. Persons requesting broadcast messages should allow 48 hours lead time for review and processing.

More information about Loyola University's Mass E-Mail Distribution Policy