How to Create and Publish Individual Web Pages


  • Web publishing services are provided for the Loyola University New Orleans community. All pages must adhere to the university web page policies.
  • Official University Pages include college, department, center, and office websites. They represent official university information and can be linked to from the main web pages. All pages linked to from the university web page are generally created and published by the Office of Web Communications.
  • Un-official Pages are available to Loyola University organizations and individuals and are accessed as They are located in the public_html subdirectory of the account associated with the specific department, organization or individual.
  • The initial page of your website must be called index.html

To create and publish Official University Pages

  • Official pages are created in the Office of Web Communications.
  • You can contact the Director of Web Communications to discuss your requirements and a timeline for completing your website. Please gather all relevant materials and ideas to simplify the content design and layout. You can visit other university web pages to get an idea about what is common practice.
  • The web communications staff will create your web pages and review them with you to ensure that they meet your needs. When you are mutually satisfied, web communications will publish your information on the university web site and in the a-z directory pages.

To create and publish Non-linked/Un-official Pages

  • Pages can be created either on an Intel based computer or on a Macintosh.
  • Pages can be created on your choice of web editing software. Common software includes but is not limited to Adobe Contribute & Dreamweaver, MS Expression, Komodo, Net Objects Fusion, as well as MS Word and Text can be used to some extent.
  • You can locate and download free and shareware html editors from archive sites such as tucows or

To publish Non-linked/Un-official pages