Gmail Documentation

Loyola Faculty and Staff Gmail accounts are now active.  

1. The first step in getting started with your Loyola Sponsored Gmail account is to get your account setup.  If you normally check your email via a web browser, this will be your only step.  Getting Started

Syncing your Gmail and Outlook for Windows computers   

1. If you use Outlook for Windows, you will need to sync your Gmail to Outlook.  G Suite Sync Tool  

2. For Outlook for Windows users who archive their mail, you will need to sync the archive with your new Gmail account.  This should be done after your Loyola Sponsored Gmail Account becomes active. G Suite Sync Tool for archived files

Setting up your Gmail with Apple computers

If you normally use a web browser to check your email, refer to the first step on this page.  If you use a mail client see the instructions below.

Mac Mail 

Outlook 2011

Outlook 2016

Setting up your Gmail on your mobile device

Gmail App (Recommended)

Mail App on iphone

Creating Google Groups

Google Groups is a G Suite application that makes group communication and collaboration easier.  Users can read more about Google Groups and how to set them up here and here.