Frequently Asked Questions About Loyola-Sponsored Gmail Accounts

General Information About Loyola-sponsored Gmail Accounts

Privacy and Security

Configuration of Your Loyola-sponsored Email Account

General Information About Loyola-sponsored Gmail Accounts

What is a Loyola-sponsored Gmail account?

A Loyola-sponsored Gmail email account will be automatically created for all newly admitted or enrolled students at Loyola. These email accounts are hosted by Google and can be accessed via the Web at To avoid confusion with any other Gmail accounts you may personally have, these accounts are referred to as Loyola-sponsored Gmail accounts.

The Loyola-sponsored Gmail account uses an email address format of All electronic correspondence from the university will be sent to students’ “” email addresses, so it is important to either check this email regularly or configure Gmail to forward your email to another address.

Where can I find my Gmail account?

Starting December 21, 2016 there will be a “Student Email” link on the Loyola website homepage that will take all users to Gmail. Here is the link:

How do I log into my Loyola-sponsored Gmail account?

To log into your Loyola-sponsored Gmail account, open your Web browser and go to You will be prompted for your USER NAME and GMAIL PASSWORD. Your initial password will be the Loyola default, which is the first 2 characters of your first name, plus the last four digits of your Social Security number, plus the letters “lu.”

As the manager of your new individual account, you will be able to change your password using Gmail services.

Who is eligible to get a Loyola-sponsored Gmail account?

A Loyola-sponsored Gmail email account is automatically created for all newly admitted or enrolled students.

How much storage space do I have in my Loyola-sponsored Gmail account?

Google provides all Loyola-sponsored Gmail account holders with unlimited storage. This includes unlimited storage in Google Drive and other Google Apps enabled in the Loyola Google domain.

Will I be able to keep my email address after I graduate from Loyola?

Yes, you will be able to keep your Loyola Gmail account subject to your use of it. If the account is inactive for a 6 month period it will be purged.

Privacy and Security

Will Google log my activity or scan my content?

Your Loyola-sponsored email account is a standard Google Gmail account sent to your Google’s operating practice is to electronically process the contents, addresses, and other characteristics of Google Apps for Education services (including Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, etc.), in order to improve the efficiency of user searches, and also to focus advertising for individual users.

Google’s privacy policy states that hosted data is not sold or turned over to third parties, unless the data is subpoenaed in a court proceeding. The data derived from Google’s Loyola automated processing are maintained by Google until two years after the last date of a customer’s use of any Google service.

Under Loyola University’s agreement with Google, Google will not display advertising to students using email accounts while the student is enrolled at Loyola. When Loyola enrollment ends, Google may provide customized advertising for users in the same manner it does for other Gmail accounts.

Is my Loyola-sponsored Gmail account secure and private?

This service is being provided by the university as the primary email/collaboration system for eligible students. University policies will apply to the service. Your Loyola-sponsored Gmail account has been customized for optimal educational collaboration.

How do I ensure that my data stays secure when I'm using a shared or public computer?

IMPORTANT: Closing your Web browser will not end your Gmail session as it does with many other systems. Click the SIGN OUT button when you are finished using your Gmail account on a shared or public computer, and then close the browser to be sure that no one else can access your data.

Configuration of Your Loyola-sponsored Email Account

I can’t log into my Loyola-sponsored Gmail account. How do I get my password reset?

The Gmail process for password resets should be enough for you to change or reset your password. But if you should have further questions, you may call the Loyola Help Desk at (504) 865-2255 for assistance.

How do I forward email in my Loyola-sponsored Gmail account to another email address?

We encourage you to try the Gmail service (which includes Google Chat, Google Drive, Google Docs, and Calendar), but if you wish, you can opt to forward your Loyola-sponsored Gmail account to another external email or another Gmail address by following the steps below:


  • Log into
  • Click the gear wheel at the top right of the page, and click SETTINGS. Next, click the FORWARDING AND POP/IMAP tab.
  • Click the ADD A FORWARDING ADDRESS button, and enter your EXTERNAL EMAIL ADDRESS in the box. Click NEXT.
  • A box will open, click Verify/Confirm
  • A confirmation email message will be sent to your other email address, in that email please click the link to confirm the forwarding.
  • Back at your Loyno Gmail, Click the radio button beside FORWARD A COPY OF INCOMING MAIL to enable forwarding. IMPORTANT: We recommend that you keep a copy of messages sent to you in your Gmail inbox by selecting the button KEEP LOYOLA UNIVERSITY’S COPY IN THE INBOX.
  • Finally, click SAVE CHANGES from the bottom of the page.

How do I make sure that mail I want to receive isn’t marked as spam?

If messages that you want to receive have been sent to your spam folder, you can prevent that from recurring by taking three steps:

  1. First, you should add any important addresses to your Contacts List. Most messages from people in your Contacts List will be delivered.
  2. Then, you should review the contents of your Spam folder and mark messages you want to receive as NOT SPAM. Gmail’s spam filtering system will learn what you think is spam based on what you mark as spam and not spam. It will change how future messages are filtered based on that.
  3. Finally, you can create a filter so the messages are never sent to the Spam folder.

With the new Loyola-sponsored Gmail accounts, will students still receive the student discounts that they receive with an .edu email account?

Yes, the new Loyola-sponsored Gmail account is, and these accounts will still qualify for any discounts that apply to an .edu account.

How do I migrate my email addresses from WolfMail?

  1. In WolfMail, click addresses:
  2. At the Bottom Right, click export to csv file: This will create a file in your Download Directory on your device:
  3. Sign into your gmail account, click on Goggle Apps contacts
  4. Import the file and then merge it. Now your contacts are in your Loyola Gmail account.

How do I sync/link two or more Gmail accounts?

Here are the 4 steps you will need to complete to link your Gmail email accounts together:

Step 1: Add A Second Email Address

Step 2: Forward Incoming Mail

Step 3: Create a Label

Step 4: Create a Filter

Step 1: Add A Second Email Address

  • In your Primary (the one you want to send and receive all of your mail from) Gmail account click Settings at the top right hand corner of your screen.
  • Click the Accounts tag.
  • Select Reply from the same address the message was sent to under When I receive a message sent to one of my addresses:
  • Click Add another email address. A window will pop up.
  • Fill in the correct information for your secondary email account and click Next Step.
  • Click Send Verification. Close the pop-up window.
  • Switch to the Secondary email account and click the verification link in the email sent from Gmail.

Step 2: Forward Incoming Mail

  • Still in your Secondary email account, click the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab found under Settings at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Type your Primary email address in the Forward a copy of incoming mail to box.
  • Then pick an option from the drop-down list:
– keep Gmail’s copy in the Inbox
– archive Gmail’s copy
– delete Gmail’s copy
  • Click Save Changes.

Step 3: Create a Label

  • Switch to your Primary email account, scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the Labels box on the left-hand side of the window.
  • Click Edit labels at the bottom of the Labels box.
  • Click in the box under Create a new label: and type a name for your label. You could use the actual email address if you want.
  • Click Create.

Step 4: Create a Filter

  • Still in the Primary email account, click the Filters tab, which is next to the Labels tab, and then click Create a new filter.
  • Type your secondary email address in the To: box.
  • Click Next Step.
  • Click in the box next to Skip Inbox to select it.
  • Click in the box next to Apply the label: to select it and pick the label you created from the drop-down list.
  • Click Create Filter.

That’s it! Now, emails from your Secondary email account will download into your Primary email account and automatically go into the Label (folder) that you specified. Using Filters helps to keep your email separate and organized so you don’t have all of the emails from multiple email accounts going into the same Inbox.