Code of Ethics

The Department of Information Technology adheres to the following ethical standards as part of its daily operations.  These standards reflect IT’s commitment to provide quality service while exhibiting respect for our client’s academic freedoms and privacy.

  • Employees shall not copy, modify or examine, with intent to gain information, any client’s file or email unless given permission by the client.
  • Employees shall not create or exploit programs that damage or penetrate computer systems or software.
  • Employees shall respect the integrity of all systems and refrain from accessing personal information until deemed necessary.
  • Employees shall adhere to all copyright and licensing laws, both state and federal.
  • Employees shall not utilize confidential information for personal gain.
  • Employees shall avoid conflicts of interest and shall communicate potential cases with the appropriate supervisory personnel before problems arise.
  • Employees shall conduct all business in a fair and honest manner.
  • Employees shall not exploit the lack of knowledge of others for personal gain.
  • Employees shall support, respect and safeguard the mission of the university while performing their job responsibilities.
  • Employees shall be respectful to all individuals and their work environment.
  • Employees shall fully support Loyola’s policies and procedures and shall not exploit them for personal gain.