Client Service Policies and Guidelines

Client Services main charge is to troubleshoot and repair Loyola owned hardware and software desktop computer problems, as well at any peripheral devices. Here is a list of some specific user needs or questions and some guidelines we use when providing support.

User request or question What we can do for you: What we cannot do
Can you answer a question about the operation of my computer? We can attempt to answer a specific question pertaining to the operation of your computer or a program. We cannot give one on one training or provide instructional classes on the operation of your computer or program.
Can you install a program on my computer? We can provide all Loyola owned computers with QWS, Sophos, JMP, and SPSS programs. We cannot install other programs unless they are licensed and supplied by the department.
Can you safeguard my data? We can take precautions to avoid data loss during a repair. We cannot be responsible for data loss during a repair. It is the responsibility of the user to have data backed up.
What Operating Systems do you support? We support Microsoft Windows  7.0, 8.1, 10 and Mac OS X 10.9 and above We cannot support older Microsoft and Macintosh operating systems nor OSs from other developers; ie. Google, Linux and Unix.
Can you fix my personal computer? We can help you configure your personal computer to connect to Loyola's network. We cannot perform hardware or software repairs on your personal computer.
Can you help me support our departmental server? We can support hardware issues on departmental servers and mass storage devices. We cannot administer or perform software repairs on departmental servers or mass storage devices.
Can you help me with a repair that someone else could not fix? We can fully support Loyola owned computer equipment when Client Services is given the opportunity to respond first to the problem. We cannot support a Loyola owned equipment hardware problem that has been worked on by someone else first, whether it is in house or an outside resource.