Basic Unix commands for Nadal

This document provides some basic information you may find useful while using the Unix operating system. Remember that with commands and file names in Unix, using the correct case is essential.


Display your files. Similar to the DOS "dir" command
ls (display only the filenames, listed in columns) ls -l (display your files in "long" form)
ls -la (as above, but also display hidden files)
ls -la | more (display one screen at a time)

more file

View a file

man command

Display information on the specified command

mkdir dir

Make a directory

rmdir dir

Remove (delete) a directory

cd dir

Change Directory
cd .. (move up a level)
cd (by itself. this returns you to your home directory


Display the current directory

cp file path

Copy file to specified path

rm file

Remove (delete) a file


Change your password


Display information about your ID


Display your quota information

chmod rights files

Change access rights to files and directories


Text editor
pico file (edit the specified file)