Administrative System Access Policy and Form

Purpose of Policy

This policy describes the process used to request access to the SIS, FRS or HRS mainframe systems. Use of these systems requires access to Loyola’s CICS-based administrative systems.


Information Technology will create a mainframe account only after proper authorization from a designated system manager has been obtained. The end user or department may obtain an “Administrative Systems Access Request Form” from the Information Technology web site.

Once completed, and approved by the appropriate Director, Dean or Chair, the form is then forwarded to the designated system manager listed on the form.

The designated system manager will then determine what level of system access is appropriate, schedule any necessary training required for access, and then forward the form to Information Technology for processing. The original request form is required for processing. In the case of an urgent request, the form may be faxed to Information Technology, however, the original form must also be provided.

Information Technology will create the necessary account and provide the access level as designated on the form.

Information Technology will house the completed form as an audit trail of account creation.

Request Form

A copy of the form can be downloaded here: Administrative Systems Access Request Form.


Updated June 2020