Active Directory Password Change


When you change you AD password the following systems are affected.  (This change does not affect your SSO or gmail passwords.)

LoynoSecure (wifi)
Microsoft Office 365 (Loyola's virtual lab)
fs1 file server (After you change the password, restarting your computer to access this system may be required.)
my apps *

*Additional systems for faculty and staff use only


  1. Go to the AD Password Management portal
  2. Select or enter your full Loyola email address,
  3. Enter the AD default password. [first 2 letters of your first name in lowercase, last 4 digits of your social security number, then the letters LU in uppercase (example:  fnXXXXLU)]
  4. On the change password form, enter the default password in the "old password" field. In the next two fields, please enter your desired new password.  Follow the password complexity requirements outlined on the page.

Important - After the password is updated, you will also be required to provide password recovery information. This will give you the ability to change or reset your own password if needed.

Email if assistance is needed.