Senior Thesis/Independent Project

Honors Thesis/Senior Project requirement:

All Honors students must complete an original work of undergraduate research, thesis, or senior project and the project’s associated research and revisions process. Completion and public presentation of the work is required for completion of the Honors Program. This is usually accomplished in one of two ways:

HONSH 491 Honors Thesis – This is a 3 H-hour course that students usually take in the Fall of their senior year. They work closely with the Honors Director and a faculty thesis advisor to complete their original work. Presentations are sponsored by the Honors Program during the Spring semester, but students have many options on how to present their work.

Departmental Research/Thesis/Project – Many university departments offer a course for student participation in an original work of undergraduate research, thesis, or senior capstone project; and some tie completion of such a project to “Departmental Honors” distinction. The Honors Program encourages Honors students to participate in such courses where available, as completion and presentation of such a project in a departmental setting will satisfy the Honors thesis requirement, if not the H-hours associated (please see below).

Important Forms and Helpful Documents

All students planning to graduate in the 2014-2015 academic year must fill out and submit the Honors Thesis Initial Proposal Form by Tuesday, April 1, 2014. In the 2014 Fall semester all thesis candidates, whether doing their thesis in Honors or in their department, must fill out and get the proper signatures on the Thesis Contract Form and return it to the University Honors Program office by September 12. Other helpful documents for the UHP Class of 2014 can be found below.

Helpful Guidelines

Honors Thesis Hours: The Honors Program has articulated with some departments which courses will satisfy both the thesis requirement and the H-hours, but in most cases, receiving Departmental major credit cannot double-dip with H-hours.

Honors students completing a project for Honors credit may count those H-hours towards any Honors electives required due to regular Honors curriculum exceptions as described below.

Departmental Information: Students completing Departmental projects must inform the Honors Program of their intention to complete a Departmental project and identify the associated course, professor, and time of Departmental presentation of work. The Honors Program may also require periodic updates from students completing a Departmental project, and many students completing Departmental projects find it helpful to attend information sessions and research workshops hosted in coordination with the Honors Program and the Monroe Library.