Stanley Yavneh Klos

Assistant Director of Special Projects & Visiting Professor

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A.B.D Mass Communications and Marketing, Pennsylvania State University; M.A. Rhetorical Theory and Historic Public Address, Idaho State University; B.A. American Studies and B.S. Zoology, Idaho State University and St. Peter's College

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Stanley Yavneh Klos is an author, independent scholar, entrepreneur, former Italian Basketball Association player and Visiting Professor at Loyola University New Orleans.

Stan is the President of Corporation, a non-profit corporation dedicated to challenging the public to view history critically through the lens of primary sources that have headlined a plethora of universities, national historic sites, libraries, and museums special exhibits. He has authored four books on primary sources and the U.S. Founding with last, America’s Four Republics: The More or Less United States, being updated with a high school and college curriculum supplement in 2015.  

Stan is also an avid real estate historic preservationist who has re-developed 32 historically significant properties ranging from Vaudeville theaters to Revolutionary War Taverns in five states.  As a real estate entrepreneur, Stan also acquired RE/MAX of Pennsylvania n/w and expertly managing a marketing mix that increased yearly commission revenue from $240K to $36 million.

In 1997 Stan co-founded Dinosaur Safaris, Inc., which is an ongoing private paleontology company with a quarry site located in Shell Wyoming yielding fossil that included six fully articulated specimens.  The company's most recent sale, the world’s most complete Stegosaurus, was unveiled in the London National History Museum in 2014. 

Stan was an Italian Basketball Association player for Amaro Harrys in Bologna. He was the Captain of a U.S. Basketball Team, which competed in a 1978 European International Tournament. He has served on diverse boards including the WV Independent Colleges & Universities, Pittsburgh YMCA Family Camp, and the Mercy Center of N.J. He was also the West Virginia U.S. Senate Republican Nominee challenging Robert C. Byrd in 1994.

Stan’s education includes a BA in American Studies, BS in Zoology, MA in Rhetorical Theory & Historic Public Address and an ABD in Mass Communications and Marketing. He attended, respectively, St. Peter’s College, Idaho State University and The Pennsylvania State University.   He is married to Dr. Naomi Yavneh Klos the Director of University Honors, Loyola University, New Orleans. Together, they parent 12 children.

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