Institutional Information

Below is some of the information commonly requested for application forms.

Loyola Data

  • DUNS: 008203309
  • FWA: FWA00007190
  • Congressional District: LA-001

Fringe Benefit Rates

  • Full-time Permanent Employees - 21% of salaries/wages (applies through 12/31/19) 
  • Full-time permanent faculty during the summer session - 7.65% (through 12/31/19)
  • Part-time Employees - 7.65% of salaries/wages

Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Agreement

F&A costs, or indirect costs, are expenditures that are incurred for common or joint objectives and, therefore, cannot be identified readily and specifically with a particular sponsored project or activity. Generally, the following types of expenditures cannot be considered direct costs of a sponsored initiative, and are charged as F&A costs: rent; utility charges; costs for standard office supplies, such as paper and pens; and personnel costs for administrative assistants and other staff such as individuals working in Human Resources or Financial Affairs. As specified in the current indirect cost-rate agreement (May 31, 2017), the maximum F&A rates that the university can charge to a federal project are as follows:

F&A Rates

  • On-Campus Activities - 58% of salaries/wages
  • Off-Campus Activities - 26% of salaries/wages

Loyola Travel Reimbursement

Please see the Financial Affairs travel guidelines, including the section devoted to Travel under Sponsored Projects. Please note that the federal per diem rate listed therein and below does not apply to state-funded projects and may not apply to all federally sponsored activities. Before applying this rate to any sponsored project, please contact Financial Affairs or this office for guidance.

State of Louisiana Travel Reimbursement

The state mileage reimbursement rate is $.53 per mile (2017-18) or as otherwise stated in the current year's Louisiana travel regulations, and must be applied to projects funded by the state.  The maximum number of miles to be reimbursed per round trip/day is 99.  State rates for meals and lodging apply as well. For specifics, consult the Louisiana travel regulations.

U.S. Government Travel Reimbursement

Per diem rates are standard daily totals for lodging, means, and incidentals.  They very with location and often with time of year.