About Grants and Sponsored Programs

This office is responsible for sponsored projects, which are externally funded activities that are associated with a pre-defined work statement, a budget, and specific reporting requirements.  These projects include all activities supported by government grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements as well as some activities funded by the private sector.  Sponsored projects are in contrast to activities supported by private donations or charitable grants, which do not require the same level of accuontability.  (For assistance in obtaining charitable funding or sponsored projects funding from the private sector, contact your college development officer.)

This office provides a range of pre-award services to members of the University seeking sponsorship for their projects.  In addition, this office protects both project leaders  and Loyola by ensuring compliance with all applicable guidelines and regulations for each sponsored project.  Through its dual service, this office functions as an important liaison between the faculty and staff and the upper administration. 

For specific information about our services, procedures, and successes, look here: