Your Classes

During your first year at Loyola, most of your classes will fulfill the requirement of the Common Curriculum, a core set of classes required by all students at Loyola. One of these courses is your First-Year Seminar, which introduces first-year students to university-level academic study. Your other classes will be introductory level courses in your major, if you've declared one, or elective courses from a variety of disciplines that will help you decide on a major. See what a typical first-semester class schedule looks like!

Here are some Transition Tips as you become a successful Loyola University first-year student:

  1. BUILD good study habits early.
  2. LEARN to manage your time effectively.
  3. FAMILIARIZE yourself with LORA (Loyola Online Records Access) to keep track of your progress, your finances, adjust your schedule, and contact your advisor.
  4. MAKE THE MOST of the academic support services on campus by visiting the Student Support Center in Marquette 112.