Living and Learning Together

Living and Learning Together

Residence Hall Programs

In addition to the First-Year Seminar, you participate in a variety of programs in the residence halls. After a day spent engaging with Loyola’s faculty and classmates, you will find that your learning flows seamlessly into the residence halls as you bring concepts home to reflect and engage with your peers.

Residential Life Staff

Residential Life staff and student leaders enrich the First Year Experience through floor programming and by being present to support you through the challenges that the first college year present. We encourage you to invite your professors to the residence halls for mini-lectures, informal discussions, or social events.

Resident Assistants (RAs) are upperclass students who are specially chosen to live on each First-Year residence hall floor because of their commitment to the well-being and success of each new Loyola student. RAs are knowledgeable about campus policies and resources, and are one of the great benefits of life on campus. RAs are here to help anytime, whether it be to answer a question, help you with a personal conflict, or just to listen. Additionally, RAs facilitate great events to bring the community together in communion and to keep residents up-to-date on current happenings around campus.

You do not have to live in the residence halls to take advantage of the many programs offered there. You’re invited to participate in the programs, get to know the residential students and RAs, study, and just hang out.

Craig Beebe, Director of Residential Life
Office: Biever Hall, 108
Phone: (504) 865-2445

Heather Seaman

Heather Seaman, Director of Co-Curricular Program
Office: Lower Level Danna Student Center
Phone: (504) 865-3622