Get Connected

You'll have plenty of opportunities to meet and interact with other Loyola students long before the beginning of your first semester. Start buiilding new friendships and finding your place in the Loyola community even before you take your first class.

First-Year Expereince on Tumblur>>>

Learn Loyola Lingo>>>

Before School Starts

  1. CHECK out Pack Chat, the Loyola student blog, or one of the other blogs on the Loyola Social Hub.
  2. FOLLOW Loyola on TwitterFlickr, Instagram, and Pinterest.
  3. CHAT with other Loyola-bound students on Facebook
  4. ATTEND a summer Orientation session for incoming students.
  5. PARTICIPATE in Wolf Pack Welcome just as the fall semester begins.
  6. CONSIDER joining other first-year students on the First-Year Retreat in September.


...and Throughout your First Year

  1. EXPLORE the student organizations at Loyola.
  2. EXPERIENCE Greek life by joining a sorority or fraternity.
  3. TAKE fitness class at the Sports Complex.
  4. CHEER on the Wolf Pack at a game.
  5. JOIN an intramural sports team.