Faculty Emergency Responsibilities


  • Become fully familiar with continuity (emergency) plans of the university, Office of Academic Affairs, and college.
  • Ensure that each course has a Blackboard presence and participate in scheduled training sessions.
  • Develop assignments appropriate for evacuation/suspension periods and, when appropriate, distribute prior to evacuation/suspension.
  • Develop a syllabus that clearly states the following:
    • Information about how students are to log on to Blackboard.
    • Communicates to students the expectations for course continuation during an evacuation/suspension.
    • Provide a two-to four-week plan of reading and assignments.  Specify what course work to complete even if a student does not have access to Blackboard due to power outage.
  • Obtain contact and alternate contact information from all your students (email, voice, text).  If class has not yet met, use student contact information in LORA.
  • Faculty in the sciences and equipment-intensive disciplines will ensure that their research laboratories and sensitive equipment are secure and that temperature sensitive supplies (e.g., tissue or cell cultures, certain chemicals, etc.) or materials that require constant care are evacuated/secured as appropriate.
  • Prepare to take equipment, supplies, and documents needed to continue instructional activities during evacuation/suspension.
  • Science faculty that may need access to labs during suspension of on campus operations will notify their dean of lab location and access needs.
  • All campus buildings will be locked during suspension of campus operations.  No access will be allowed, except for science faculty that have made advance arragements with their dean.


  • Communicate with the dean and chair regarding the status of courses within 48 hours of an evacuation or suspension of on campus operations.
  • Continue course instructions as described in C.  Instructional Responsibilities and Enrollment Policies and restated below:

One week or less

Reading and writing assignments such as watching a lecture/videos and writing a paper. See samples on http://academicaffairs.loyno.edu/academic-affairs-continuity-operations-....

One to two weeks

Faculty will continue instruction by holding a minimum of one class session via Blackboard or other distance learning protocol.  These sessions may include one or more video lecture, PowerPoint presentation, and interactive Blackboard assignment, or reading and writing assignments emailed to students by the course instructor.

Additionally, homework assignments equivalent to one week of class work will be given to students.

More than two weeks

Instruction will continue in all courses via Blackboard or other distance learning protocol except those specifically designated by the dean, director or chairs as inappropriate for extended distance education (e.g. lab courses, private music instruction, studio classes).

Students enrolled in courses designated inappropriate for extended distance education will be assigned a grade of IP in those courses.

Report student and advisee contact information to dean and director or chair.  

Based on post-evacuation/suspension conditions, maintains rigorous and reasonable assignment policies.


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