Faculty Employment Processes

Contract Procedures

Calendar Schedule of Faculty Employment Processes

Faculty Request to Review Personnel File

Personal Transcript Review Form

Outside Employment, Faculty Request to Conduct

Phased Retirement Plan for Tenured Faculty Renewal (effective March 11, 2016)

Request for Academic Personnel Action.  Form must be completed and included with materials for tenure, promotion, probationary review, and multi-year appointment applications submitted to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs according to the annual calendar.

Sabbatical and Academic Leave Application Instructions

Salary Equity Model for Faculty

Tenure, Promotion, Probationary Review, or Multi-Year Appointment Requests Submitted to Provost

Tenure Review Extension Form--Parental Leave


Hiring Guidelines

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Inquiry Form

Faculty Recruitment Travel Request Form

Hiring Guidelines for Faculty and Academic Affairs Administrative Staff:

Hiring International Faculty, Study Abroad, and International Students

Request to Hire Faculty Member/Affirmative Action in Faculty Hiring


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