Dean's Emergency Responsibilties


  • Develops and shares the college continuity plan with the Provost's Office.  College planning will include the following:
    • Contact Trees for all offices.  A contact tree includes primary and alternate phone numbers and email and a diagram indicating who is responsible to contact whom within a college and department.  Each faculty and staff member must know who their contact person is.
    • An understanding within the college and its departments of what discretion means in terms of faculty holding or canceling classes prior to an official university announcement of evacuation or suspension of campus operations.
    • Description of plans for continuity of instruction, including exceptions noted above (courses inapproriate for extended distance education (e.g. lab courses, private music instruction, studio classes).
    • Provisions for distinct needs of a department or program for campus access.  These provisions must be approved by the Provost and the Emergency Manager.
  • Establishes a college Blackboard site or other means of electronic communication, such as a college listserv, and ensures that faculty and staff receive training in utilizing Blackboard or other means of online instruction.
  • Encourages faculty to prepare and post on syllabi assignments for all their courses in case of an evacuation or suspension of campus operations, consistent with the College plan.
  • Coordinates college-wide evacuation/suspension policies for faculty, staff, and students including evacuation training.
  • College of Humanities and Natural Sciences only: Obtains name, contact information, and location of science faculty who may need access to on campus labs during suspension of on-campus operations and provide this information to the Emergency Manager, Provost, Assistance Vice President for Administration, and University Police Chief.
  • Takes laptop computer, supplies, and documents that may be needed while away from campus. This is critical because if a laptop is issued and work is expected to continue, those laptops are expected to be used to work remotely.  A few extra thoughts:
    • ensure you save frequently used business URLs (or "Favorites") in order to access necessary sites for work (many of us do not know specific web address and simply click on a "favorite").
    • What about thumb drives/flash drives?  Do you use them for documents back-up?  If so, make sure you have them ready to go and packed in your "kit".
    • What about laptop charges (often under the desk and forgotten) and mobile device chargers?  Don't forget them.


  • Establishes immediate contact with faculty,staff, and students.
  • Communicates with the provost regarding the status of college activities.
  • Communicates with the chairs and directors regarding duration of closure, instructional activities, etc.
  • Comunicates to everyone in the college that the main university webpage ( will be the source of official university updates.  If students are most accustomed to accessing a specific URL that directs them to their specific college, the Deans should indicate in advance that the main source of information will be posted to the main university website (


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