Get ready to register

Prepare to meet with your academic advisor

Before you meet with your advisor, you should evaluate your academic goals. To help you prepare for academic advising, try to answer some of the following questions: 

Course Registration

  1. Do the courses I want take fulfill graduation requirements? common curriculum requirements? major and minor requirements?
  2. Does my proposed schedule meet my short- and long-term academic and career goals? 
  3. Do I have any holds on my registration? 

Meeting short- and long-term goals

  1. Does my proposed course schedule provide a balanced course load that allows time for service learning, work-study, internships, collaborative research and other activities that will promote learning beyond the classroom?
  2. Does my proposed course schedule provide an opportunity to explore academic disciplines that I am considering as a major or minor?
  3. Does my proposed course schedule take into account pre-requisite requirements?
  4. Does my proposed course schedule provide a challenging and interesting curriculum?
  5. Do I want to study abroad? 
  6. Do I want to go to graduate school?

Topics to discuss with your academic advisor

  1. Are you satisfied with your major or minor?
  2. Do you have plans yet to complete an internship?
  3. Are there research opportunities you would like to pursue?
  4. Have you participated in any service learning opportunities?
  5. Do you want to attend summer school?