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Advisor Support

Academic advisors are supported by their departments and dean's offices. In addition, the Academic Advising Council (AAC) serves as the centralized body for advising information. 

Academic Advising Council

The Academic Advising Council (AAC) will serve as a centralized body for the dissemination of information pertaining to academic advising, promotion of excellent advising in all programs across the University, and making recommendations for improving academic advising.

The council consists of faculty and staff representing academic programs from across the University. The council will also include Associate Deans from each college, and representatives from the Academic Resource Center, Athletics, Career Development, Common Curriculum, First Year Seminars, Honors Program, Pre-Health Professions, Retention and Student Success, and the University Senate. The AAC will rely on its email list serve to communicate about important updates, and will schedule at least one meeting each semester. All ACC council meetings will be advertised and open to the Loyola community.

• Serve as a central means of disseminating advising information.
• Host regular “best practices in advising” forums on relevant topics. 
• Make recommendations to the Provost about the ways the University can foster and support academic advising.

Contact information:

Professor John Sebastian, Director of the Common Curriculum, is the chair of the Academic Advising Council for 2014-2015. Questions can be directed to Elizabeth Rainey, Director of Retention and Student Success


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